Abba House Foundation - Thailand


  • The sex industry sets its sites on the Northland Hill Tribe villages to buy, trick or kidnap their daughters who are usually very young (no more then 7 years old). They traffic them all over the world. 
  • To 'season' the children, they put them alone in a locked room with no windows for two years, serving 10 to 12 customers a day. The men do not wear condoms because the competition is too great between the brothels. 
  • They will eventually get HIV and are beaten if they protest. 
  • After 2 years they are allowed to work along side other sex slaves in the brothels and are watched very carefully. It is very dangerous to rescue them.

Abba House Foundation is A SAFE HOME for the pre and post sex slave children of Thailand.

AHF Mission

Abba House Foundation exists for the express purpose of setting at liberty the pre and post captive sex slave HIV Children of Thailand, by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Love of Jesus for the Glory of God the Father. Providing housing, food, education and training in conversational English and Spiritual devotions. We are an evangelical ministry being obedient to the command of Jesus in Mark 16:15 saying "Go into all the world".

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AHF Ministries:
  1. Abba House Foundation is home to boys ages 8 to 22 who have been trafficked in downtown Chiang Mai, Thailand. Left homeless and hungry, they are forced to sell their bodies for a bowl of rice. At times they are beaten up and tortured; some have HIV, few can barely read or write. AHF teaches life skills such as construction, motorcycle repair, jewelry crafts for half the day. The other half they have Bible School education, Music and English (New Life Annex Program).
  2. Abba House Foundation has found that some of these street boys and men have recently been released from various prisons finding themselves deserted. They walk five miles to the tourist scenes to try and find work but find HIV instead. AHF has recently built a half-way house we call Freedom Christian Center (FCC) to offer shelter, life skills, a 2 year program of Christian life foundations and then job placement.
  3. Abba House Foundation also reaches girls, ages 8 to 22, at risk to the sex slave Industry of Asia. Some are orphaned (with parental death certificates as proof), daughters of working prostitutes, raped, abandoned or unwanted. At risk to falling into a life of forced prostitution but they are now safely in the care of Abba House. These children are given renewed hope, their lives forever changed through love, respect and education. They go to several different school systems in Chiang Mai depending on their needs (Girls at Risk).

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