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The global demand for prostitution is primarily a male driven industry and it is not uncommon for the men to be from all nationalities, races, and walks of life. Most men also tend to be married, and come from a variety of age groups. Statistics regarding male demand for prostitution can be almost impossible to determine because research is driven by self reporting males, which can be unreliable. Despite that, organizations are beginning to uncover determining factors that result in a high male demand for prostitution.  

A 2003 study from the Swedish Ministry of Industry found that one in eight European men uses women and children in prostitution, and in Italy the rate is closer to one in six men. A Doctoral study in Germany found that over a million transactions a day occur involving men buying women for sexual activities. 

In many Asian countries, where gender imbalance is a growing problem, millions of unmarried men (an estimated 37 million in China alone) become a driving force behind the human trafficking industry.  In Thailand, a study found that as many as 75% of Thai men regularly purchase sex, while 60-70% of men in Cambodia use women for sexual services. In 2005, the Korean Times reported that the largest tourist population visiting Cambodia were men from Korea. (1)


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