Dasi Hamkke Center - South Korea

Who they are

It is a Non Government Organization (NGO) and Government (GO) collaboration agency that helps victims / survivors of sex trafficking in coming out of the sex trade and assists them through sustainable self-support, which is mostly women in prostitution.  

We provide emergency rescue, legal support, medical psychological support, connection with shelters, and continuous counseling. "DASI" means "again" to express the starting of new life and "Hamkke" means "together," to express the support that we must provide for the victims/survivors who try to establish a new life on their own.

Dasi Hamkke Center is affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and administered by the United Voice (Han Sori). 

Their main activities

  • Counseling service - All victims/survivors are offered a counseling service by phones, visits, mails, and online
  • Emergency rescue, emergency care, shelter center - Victims/survivors can be rescued and provided with emergency accommodation at secured shelters
  • Connection with shelters - Victims/survivors can be connected with job counsellors and training to help them enter the mainstream workforce
  • Legal support - Victims/survivors are entitled to legal support. They can use the legal support to prosecute individuals, pimps and sex traffickers. In addition, we provide advice and guidance so the prosecution can bring a strong case to court and avoid any actions that may be detrimental to a successful prosecution
  • Medical / psychological support - Victims/survivors are entitled to medical support such as medical assessments and hospital visits. They can also take advantage of psychological counseling, which enables better rehabilitation
  • Self-support system - Victims/survivors are educated to middle school/high school level and are given opportunities to attain job skills relevant to job markets
  • Research and publications - We publish journals and pamphlets to raise awareness on the issues surrounding sex-trafficking, so that the society can learn that it is a serious problem
  • International support - We support victims/survivors who have been trafficked abroad and by cooperating with other international organizations, we strive to find ways to combat sex trafficking at-large

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