Free the Slaves

Free The Slaves (FTS) works with grassroot partners in six countries: Haiti, India, Nepal, Brazil, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and partners with its sister organization in the UK, Anti-Slavery International.
FTS works with liberators on the frontlines who risk their lives to bring slaves to freedom. We help survivors rebuild their lives, and work for systemic solutions. We promote holistic, sustainable solutions that are developed by community members themselves. We help communities assert their basic rights, and we share success stories so others can see what's working. 

  • We provide protection from violence by focusing public attention on the dangers anti-slavery activists face. 

  • We create an open forum to share ideas and solutions across national boundaries. 

  • We seize opportunities to influence policy-makers and the public on local and global levels. 

  • We build recognition for modern-day abolitionists, and help obtain funding.

Ways you can get involved:
  • Spreading the message
  • Abolitionist school
  • Social events
  • Faith community involvement

Top Ten Facts about Slavery

On a mission to end modern-day slavery

Kevin B. Bales - Founder of FTS

Kevin Bales on how to end modern-day slavery