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NOT FOR SALE - Cape Town, South Africa

To its neighboring countries and developing countries across the world, South Africa represents a ray of hope, attracting thousands of migrants every year. Unfortunately many migrants seeking better jobs in Africa are trafficked and exploited. Not For Sale works with the Counter Trafficking Coalition of Cape Town and the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa to report cases of trafficking and protect victims. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Victims Assistance Center

Not For Sale South Africa is expanding its efforts and scope through the establishment of a new Victims Assistance Center for survivors of human trafficking in Cape Town. Recognizing an essential local need, the new Victims Assistance Center will provide specialized shelter and support for survivors before they are interviewed by law enforcement about their experiences. The survivors care and stability is the highest priority, and Not For Sale believes providing them with this form of immediate care could significantly boost the number of survivors willing to report their stories to law enforcement – and as a direct result, the number of convictions secured.

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David Batstone interview on ETV, South Africa

NOT FOR SALE CAMPAIGN also supports projects in Uganda and Rwanda as the following video shows.

Not For Sale's work in Africa