RedLight Children Campaign


RedLight Children is a global human rights nonprofit organization aiming to end the demand for child slavery and exploitation. RedLight Children tackles multiple dimensions of the issue of child exploitation and human trafficking. Our inclusive blueprint charts three phases of attack on this crime against humanity: 

  1. Raising awareness through feature films, documentaries and education campaigns; 
  2. Correcting, improving, and enforcing current legislation; 
  3. Allocating the appropriate resources to mirror the size and scope of the epidemic.


In 2002, while traveling in Cambodia, the organization’s founder, Guy Jacobson, was approached by a barrage of young girls as young as five offering themselves for sex. Horrified by this encounter and by the lack of action taken to address the problem, Jacobson initiated the most comprehensive global mass media campaign ever launched on the issue of human trafficking.

RedLight Children’s work has been featured in over 5,000 major media sources throughout the world, including ABC, Fox, CNN, BBC, Showtime, the NY Times, the Washington Post as well as multiple channels on Dutch TV, Israeli TV, German TV, Ecuadorian TV, Brazilian TV and numerous more. It is estimated that over a billion people have been exposed to the issue of child sexual exploitation as a direct result of RedLight Children’s efforts.

Today, “EXPOSE IT. FIGHT IT. END IT,” is our rallying cry. 

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