Stella's Voice - Moldova


A Christian organization that feeds, houses, educates and protects orphans in Moldova and Russia.

Introduction to work of Stella's Voice, Moldova


Our vision is to be the voice that speaks for the orphans of Moldova, from the smallest child, to the aged out teen. With each voice that adds with ours, we are able to offer a loving home to more of these innocent children, raising them in a Christian environment as our own.

Never in the history of this Communist country has there been an advocate for the orphans. For twenty years, this ministry has been a part of the lives of thousands of orphans, providing Christmas gifts, warm coats, food, supplies, heating oil, clean water, and so much more. But more importantly, the ministry has shown the love of Christ in tangible ways, through regular visits, encouraging words, gentle hugs, and smiles.

Stella's House - Moldova

Stella’s House is a home for orphan girls who have aged out of state-run facilities and are prime targets for sex traffickers. While living at Stella's House, the girls complete their education, learn life skills, and grow in a Christian environment that changes their mindset from “I am just an orphan” to “I am a child of my heavenly Father and I am greatly loved.” There are fifty-three girls in the homes now, and two more Stella’s Houses are in the near future.

Simon's House - Russia

Simon’s House is a home for orphan boys who have aged out of state-run facilities and are at risk for being sold into slavery for construction work in Russia. While living at Simon's House, the boys complete their education, learn life skills, and grow in a Christian environment. There are twelve boys at Simon’s House. Most of the boys at Simon’s House were raised at Cupcui Orphanage and were befriended by the Camerons when they were young boys, or are relatives of the girls at Stella’s House. The boys use their gifts and talents to contribute to the upkeep of the home, and they often spend their weekends mentoring other orphans at both state-run facilities and at Providence House.

Providence House - Moldova

In early 2011, in an unprecedented move, the government allowed Stella’s Voice to open and run the very orphanage where we had invested many years getting to know and love the children. The ministry invested over $500,000 to replace the roof, windows, heating system, water well, and plumbing. Here in this home, unlike the state-run institutions, the children are not treated as despised orphans—as they are our beloved children.

By the end of 2012, this home will be filled with 130 children, ages 3–16. They will be safe, well fed, educated, and introduced to a God who loves them more than they can imagine. 

Most of these children were living in unthinkable poverty before coming to Providence House. Not one of them had ever seen a flushing toilet, gone to bed with a full stomach, or slept in a warm bed. Much of the neglect was from alcoholic relatives that often beat them.  

As of spring 2011, we not only visit and minister to orphanages, we also own the nation’s first Christian orphanage: Providence House. This home is a model that we pray will be replicated across Moldova, Eastern Europe, and around the world.