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YOUCANFREE.US is an international anti-human trafficking movement, which rescues women out of forced prostitution, providing them home, rehabilitation, and care. It brings hope and freedom to these women and helps them to start a new chapter in their lives. It also exists to raise awareness about human trafficking and to work on preventing it in partnership with local public and private institutions. 

RAHAB CENTER FOR HOPE: is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2010 in New Delhi by YOUCANFREE.US, to care for destitute women who are victims of sex trafficking. There are 37,000 registered sex workers in Delhi. Rahab Center offers a safe home for these women and their children who come to the center, providing complete physical and psychological support as well as education and vocational training.

Watch this introductory video by Sujo John (Founder)


  • DELIVERANCE - Rescuing destitute women and children from the cycle of exploitation in partnership with local authorities and social organizations and providing them a clean and safe place to recover while receiving legal, medical, spiritual and emotional support.

  • DEVELOPMENT - Providing education, language vocational training programs in various fields through partnerships with schools & companies to equip them with the basic skills needed to re-enter society.

  • DIRECTION - Facilitating job placement of these women through a network of engaged individuals and corporations, helping them to become financially independent and able to contribute to the community in which they live. Continuous assistance in their development through regular counseling and support.
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