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WHI - Sierra Leone
WHI’s Anti-Trafficking Program in Sierra Leone (Faith Alliance Against Slavery Training) began in 2004. Since August 2008, FAAST has implemented a US Department of State-funded intervention aimed at educating communities about trafficking issues, protecting and caring for trafficking victims, and increasing prosecution of traffickers through improved police training. Additionally, FAAST continues the Rapid Response project, which assesses and responds to the immediate needs of trafficking victims.

More about our work here:

            Through the Rapid Response Project, 222 survivors of child labor and sexual exploitation have been identified and received direct care and support.

            We have established community “watchdog” anti-trafficking groups throughout the country (called Village Parent Groups), identifying and equipping community members interested in combating trafficking in their own backyards.

            Our continued partnership with the Sierra Leone Police has provided TIP-combating training for 1,334 officers so far.

            We have trained over 1,000 individuals to fight trafficking, at least 25% of whom have gone on to train others.

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